LiveJournal feed at user nelson_blog

For all my readers who use LiveJournal, I have syndicated this blog using its built in RSS feed at lj user nelson_blog. There’s also my LJ account skyfaller, as I mentioned before.

I’m also very happy, because while I was complaining about how PHPosxom, which I use for this blog, is a dead project that isn’t updated anymore, I visited the sourceforge website and discovered that a third party had actually done a major update! It implements comments and XHTML compliance, which makes me very happy 🙂 I’m going to test it out, and if it works correctly I will then update my blog to this new version. Wish me luck!

Help me make this difficult decision

Hey folks, I’m going to put the question to you… which would you rather I updated on a regular basis, my weblog or my livejournal? The basic issue is that I won’t be getting comments on my blog anytime soon, (probably not until after SCCS gets SQL support) but you can leave comments on my livejournal. On the other hand, my blog supports categories, which allows me to point someone to all of my entries on Diebold, or all of my entries about music, etc., which you can’t do on LiveJournal. Also, it’s cool to have complete control over my own blog, but I guess that doesn’t really matter to my readers. What are your preferences?

Mediation fails

As I mentioned on the SCDC LiveJournal community, we weren’t able to come to a settlement with Diebold in mediation, which wasn’t really a huge surprise, given our idealistic reasons for taking the case. It was kind of a shame though, free money from Diebold would have been nice 🙂

In other news, I’ve got an interview with a Dutch reporter this weekend… she writes for this magazine Vrij Nederland, and apparently she’s writing a large article on voting in America. We keep getting all of this press from Europeans, and it really bugs me how, aside from the NY Times article, the mainstream American media has pretty much ignored this rather scandalous case. The only reason I haven’t decided that this is some sort of massive conspiracy to cover up the Diebold affair is that nobody has tried to kill me yet. At least, nobody competent…

Finally, I’ve done a bit of an update on my homepage, so check it out yo.