Just relaxing in the dorm today

I’m finally getting settled in here at college. Classes start on Monday, so I’m working on getting everything ready for the schoolyear. My computer has not been cooperating in my drive to get organized: the college network has gone down multiple times because of all of the Windows worms. Now our technicians won’t let anyone back on the network until their computer has been given a clean bill of health by the dorm tech. This horde of viruses demonstrates yet another reason Microsoft is bad for our country: as any good farmer knows, a monoculture is bad, because it is vulnerable to disease. This remains true whether the monoculture is an entire state sown with a single strain of corn, or an entire nation’s computers running on a single, monolithic operating system. If we allow Microsoft to hold a complete monopoly, every time a virus appears, the whole internet will crash. This is entirely unacceptable in the era of e-commerce, and I hope that businessmen will begin to understand the danger of losing diversity in our computing environments.
In other news, there was an incredible thunderstorm here right before I was about to take a shower, so I jumped around out in the rain with a bunch of my hallmates while wearing just my towel, and then I ran upstairs and got nice and hot and steamy in the shower. I really wish I could have just gone out naked, so that my towel wouldn’t get prematurely wet, but that might have been impolite.
Big shoutout to Andrew Abdalian! Andrew, my former quadmate, just moved in down the street from me, so I’m sure I’ll be dropping in on him on my way to and from campus, whether he likes it or not 🙂 I am in Woolman, by the way, which is up the hill from campus, and it is therefore very convenient for riding to class on my bike. Andrew is in Whittier, one of the new dorms that has spontaneously appeared as a result of the housing crunch. So yeah, come visit me folks, Woolman is fun! I’m here! And so is Kermit 🙂

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