When flats are good

Last night I got a flat tire on my bike while riding past the construction around the new science center. I was very annoyed, because since I live in Woolman, slightly uphill from campus, biking to class and stuff is very convenient, and I save a good deal of time. I also enjoy leaving skid marks on the pavement and playing around with my 21 gears. I was quite dismayed at the prospect of having to actually walk around. However, a while back I was telling Blake how wonderful it was to save time with my bike, and he said, “So what do you do with all of the time you save?” I didn’t have a good answer. Where does the time go that I save in transit?

I guess it probably goes towards checking my e-mail or reading Slashdot; it doesn’t really help get me to class on time.

Today as I was walking back to my dorm, I noticed for the first time that the leaves were changing, and many of them had fallen to the ground already. In retrospect I remember that there had been leaves on the ground before; I like to step on the leaves and hear them crinkle and crackle, and I recall crinkling leaves several times in the last few weeks. However, it hadn’t really computed that, “Oh, fall is here, the leaves are pretty!” I’m glad that I took the time to look at all the colors, and check out the big picture, of the greenery of Swarthmore preparing for winter.

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