The moon is down

Around 8 PM last night, there was a total lunar eclipse, so Brian and Andrew and I went and hung out under the stars for a while, freezing our butts off. If I understand it right, a lunar eclipse means that the Earth came between the Sun and the Moon, so that the Earth’s shadow completely covered the moon. On a clear day, this would have meant some interesting optical effects. Unfortunately, that night was moderately cloudy, and although we could see the Earth’s shadow covering the moon, we couldn’t really see it in detail.

As usual, however, we managed to entertain ourselves despite adverse conditions. While waiting for the moon to eclipse, we sang “Jailhouse Rock” with the lyrics from “All Your Base Are Belong To Us”, as the Evolution Control Committee did when they had too much time on their hands. Fortunately they recorded the results for posterity, so that we didn’t have to 🙂 The best part is how they actually made All Your Base rhyme! The first verse and chorus goes, “In AD twenty-one-oh-one/war was beginning, what happen?/somebody set us up the bomb/we get signal, main screen turn on! Chorus: It’s you! How are you gentlemen? All Your Base… Are Belong to Us.” All you Elvis fans, go and download the mp3 right now! This also resulted in an in-depth discussion of Zigs, and taking off every last one of them. Brian: “I’d like to let you know that I’m not wearing any Zigs today…”
We also discussed at length how the moon is getting like 3 inches closer to the Earth every year. How freaking cool will it be when the moon is orbiting at GROUND LEVEL? “Oh sh*t! Here comes the moon! Duck!” WHOOMPH! Andrew said that he remembers a kid’s story where the moon was close enough to the Earth that people could get there just by jumping high enough, and they could all go hang out there until they got tired of lunar life, and then jump back down again. Does anybody know what this story was? E-mail me if you do! Someday I really have to install blogging software that allows for comments… I installed PHPosxom because it’s just a single PHP script that’s simple enough for me to understand and hack around with. Heck, maybe I could implement comments myself! That would be mad phatty, yo.

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