We’ve put the Diebold memos back up!

And at long last the timer has run out on our counternotification to Diebold! Finally, we can link and post the infamous memos without the college cutting off our internet connection; it’s just between us and Diebold now. Go get the memos from the SCDC website 🙂

It’s nice to be able to rejoin the ranks of the brave individuals across the country hosting the memos. When you look at that page of college students who were willing to risk the wrath of a billion-dollar multi-national corporation to do their part in preserving our freedom, you are seeing the core of what may be the beginnings of a new student movement. What will they be called twenty years down the road? Are we just good, upstanding citizens? Are we hacktivists? Are we advocates for free culture? Or has the phrase that best defines our cause yet to arise?

Only time will tell.

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