Well, the moment of truth has finally arrived! Yesterday was the last day of classes, and now we get “reading week”, which at Swarthmore is actually only a “reading two days”, because we’re just that masochistic. Good grief, I’m screwed.

I’ve been riding my bike around campus despite the ice and snow, because I need to get wherever I’m going stat! This is a dumb idea, because my bike has these smooth shiny road tires, which do a lousy job of gripping on ice, not that any tires do a fantastic job. So I’ve taken to riding around with my feet out to the sides, so that when the bike falls over, I just land on my feet instead of on my butt. Surprisingly, I’ve only sustained one minor injury, where the gears on my bike tore a hole in my sock when I fell over. Hey, I’m a teenager, I’m invincible. Of course, this brings up the issue of what I’m going to say to myself when I turn 20…

Finally, in an exquisitely ironic turn of events, I left my last fork in the dining hall the other day, so now I can go back and steal one of theirs without remorse 🙂 The girls across the hall were nice enough to lend me one of theirs so that I could snack in my room and get some work done. A big thank you to Miriam, Jean, and Cynthia!

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