LiveJournal wins a temporary victory

Well, I can’t seem to SSH into the school webserver from my externship, so it looks like I’m going to take the easy way out and update my LiveJournal.  Also, I wasn’t able to install the new version of my blogging software which enables comments.  So, I’m complying with the votes of my readers and updating this LJ for the near future.  Sorry Sarah 😉

I’m externing for the week at this law firm in NYC, Proskauer Rose LLP, which is positively huge and has offices around the world.   Right now they’re running a check to make sure that they’re not somehow representing Diebold in any way, which presumably would complicate matters.  I’ve got a temporary desk with a phone and a laptop, right next to a nice intern from Cornell.  Her name is Sharon, and she’s also a sophomore,  and I hope to see more of her during the week 🙂   Right now I’m going to read through a lot of memos that I need to sign, about Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti Harrassment Policy, Use of Non-Public Information For Purchase or Sale of Securities, and Confidentiality of Client Matters.  That last means that I can’t disclose any information about any cases that I happen to witness, so some of my journal entries may be exceedingly vague!

I won’t be on AIM during the day, so that I won’t be distracted from my learning experience, but you may find me online at night.  Peace out folks!

Update: The check came up clean, Proskauer Rose is not representing Diebold in any way… thank goodness!

Update #2: I e-mailed Sharon once, but she never e-mailed me back.  Lame!

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