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I had a groovy day in the city yesterday, I met up with sinsofthedove (Finlay) and her friend newillusion (Berit) after I got done with my externship for the day.  First I helped them decorate their school for senior cut day… this has to be one of the most enthusiastic senior classes I’ve ever seen!  I helped haul an entire classroom of chairs from like a 12th floor classroom into the elevator, so that we could set up a “classroom” in the lobby.  Then I helped them toilet paper the library, which is something I have always wanted to do 🙂  We left before they started filling the entire 12th floor with paper cups full of water, because that seemed tedious.

Then I went to an Indian restaurant with Finlay, where I displayed my usual talent for not eating very much of anything, despite the fact that I was pleasantly surprised to find that the rice with spinach and nuts and yogurty stuff was actually pretty good, whatever it was.  I got distracted from my meal because Finlay had asked me to explain the Diebold case to her, and as I discovered during my interview with Vrij Nederland, if I just run my spiel without interruptions, it takes about an hour and 45 minutes.  With Finlay I went off on various tangents, so I definitely didn’t get through the whole thing, but I got pretty worked up about it, to the point were I gestured wildly and knocked my fork off the table, which triggered an “oh, phooey” from me.  Why can’t I be an activist in some simpler field?  Oh wait, none of them are simple, that’s why normal people aren’t automatically activists…

After that, the three of us went to this neat gothy club called Alchemy, which is right next to CBGB’s in its “gallery”, where this guy (Armen Ra?) played the theremin, alongside this chick with an electric harp, who did interesting things with echoes and using bows (!) on her strings.  They were really cute together, but as Finlay remarked, they kept on looking at each other as if they had just put one over on us,  as if to say, “hey, we just made random noise and they applauded!”, or perhaps they were going to go backstage after the show and get completely wasted.  The music was ethereal and quite relaxing, but this wasn’t necessarily great in a live performance; since it was somewhat amorphous and lacked hooks, I began to drift off to sleep.  This did not reflect on the quality of the music however, it was quite enjoyable.  I just wish I had gotten a closer look at that theremin.

By that time, it wasn’t really worth taking three hours to commute home and back into New York, so I crashed at Finlay’s house.  It was a beautiful, charming house, and her parents were very friendly and welcoming, it gave me the warm fuzzies 🙂  Here’s a question… is it polite to admit that one is jealous of a friend’s house?

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