Extended vacation from this blog

Hey folks, I’m going to be discontinuing this blog for the near future, until I can get some good blogging software installed (the new version of PHPosxom didn’t work for me). Please refer to my homepage for updates. I’ve embedded my livejournal in my website, so it’s one-stop shopping for info on Nelson 🙂

Before I sign off here though, I do have a few things to say.

First of all, you’re going to need a resume sooner or later, so start working on it now so that you just have to update it and submit it when the time comes to apply for internships or jobs. Don’t procrastinate on that, because missing out on an internship because you missed the deadline would be dumb. I now have to write my resume STAT!

Second of all, don’t try to put your gloves in your pockets if there isn’t any room for them because you’ve already filled your pockets with fruit. If you do, your gloves fall out, and then you’re left with only one glove, like me, or like Michael Jackson. If you see a black biking glove that says “Trek” on it and has little silver reflecty pieces of fabric, please return to me, this is seriously my favorite pair of gloves and I am quite distraught!

Finally, stand up for yourself and your ideals, and there’s no telling what you may accomplish 🙂

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