weird movie, rocking ending

So I just saw the best ending to a movie EVER!  It was the ending to Dead or Alive, “A full-gore gangster story! Takashi Miike is the Japanese Tarantino…only much faster” -Jeffrey M. Anderson, San Francisco Examiner.  I don’t actually recommend this movie, because the rest of it was largely a waste of time, but the ending more than made up for it!  Which doesn’t mean that I’ll ever watch it again…

So at the end it’s down to one cop and one criminal… they’re standing in the middle of an empty lot, next to the wrecks of their cars. The cop just survived this impossible car explosion, where this guy did a headlong leap into his car through the windshield, stabbed him with a knife and suicided with a handgrenade.  The cop yanks the knife out of his side, and then his arm is falling off, so he rips off his arm.  Then the two guys shoot the crap out of each other.  They’re still standing however, and you’re like, wha?

Then the cop goes, “RAAAAA!” and pulls a bazooka out of his spine!  And the criminal goes, “GRAAAH!” and pulls a freaking fireball out of his chest!  And then he chucks it at the cop, just as the cop fires his spine-bazooka!  And then Japan explodes.  Like, the camera zooms out to a picture of the globe, and Japan gets this big nuclear explosion and then the credits roll.

THIS MADE NO SENSE!  It came out of nowhere!  The rest of the movie wasn’t like that at all… NOBODY saw that coming.  The ending made the rest of the screwed up movie worth watching… everyone applauded at the end.

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