my bike has been found!!!!

In case anyone was wondering, there is a god, and His name is Public Safety.

As I posted earlier my bike has been missing, which made me very sad, as it was the bike that was in the NYTimes and it has some sentimental value.  Public Safety thought they had found my bike once before, but was a different bike that happened to be red and also made by Giant.  Today, I got a call from Public Safety that they thought they had found my bike again, and I was bracing myself for another false alarm as we pulled up to PPR.  Then they pointed to a bike leaning on the side of the building, and I recognized the sleek outlines of my oh-so-sexy bike!  The gear-shifters are messed up, but other than that it is in perfect condition!  Even the head and taillights are still attached.

All in all, my faith is restored.

P.S. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were public bikes just lying around whenever you needed one?  Here is some news about that idea:

3 thoughts on “my bike has been found!!!!

  1. Yay!

    Incidentally, about the public bikes idea – it seems like it’d be a good thing to do with the ones alums leave in the ML bike room when they graduate. Or make it an option for them to donate bikes.

  2. yay for finding bikes! I’m actually completely surprised it was found. I normally consider stolen stuff as gone forever..although, I suppose with something as large as a bike, it’d be a little harder to make it just disappear.

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