Happy News!  We got our block on Mertz 2nd South for next year, my blockmates are Arthur Chu, Andrew Lacey, and Brian Rose.  Andrew Abdalian will probably attempt to choose into our hall as well in the lottery, so don’t you dare pick into our hall until Andrew has successfully done so! 😉

Well, I was successfully early to my classes and appointments today, now I just have to work on being AWAKE when I arrive at class.  This means getting to bed on time as well.  I also successfully turned in my Chinese homework on time today, which only started happening recently as I’ve been chronically behind in Chinese for a while.  Things are looking up!  It’s a great little world we live in…

2 thoughts on “Progress

    • Yes!!! For those who don’t know what this means, Brian’s name was misspelled “Brain Rose” on the housing bulletin board. We’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what a brain rose would be… I think it sounds like something from Metroid, Jerome thought that a really convoluted strain of roses could be called Brain Roses, at which point I suggested that we should genetically engineer hyper-intelligent plants. Jerome thought this would be a bad idea.

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