Airlines you should boycott, come see me speak!

These airlines secretly supplied passenger information to government contractors, which is of questionable legality:

*American Airlines

For more info, see the EFF’s blog:

Don’t fly on these airlines, and start getting angry about the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) controversial CAPPS II air passenger-profiling system.

The issue came up because I’m speaking at this conference at UPenn on Friday, June 18th, and they’re going to fly me back East from my internship at the EFF this summer. The conference is called Knowledge Held Hostage, and you should seriously come! Among others, Siva Vaidyanathan of New York University will be speaking there.

The organizer of the conference said, “Just a reminder that any of the Swarthmore people who worked with you on Diebold or who have a particular interest in the scholarly fair use issue are welcome to register and come to the conference. That includes friends and professors.” He also said that if you’d be coming from far away and you need some travel/hotel assistance, they might be able to help you out a little. Budgets are tight though, as always.

3 thoughts on “Airlines you should boycott, come see me speak!

  1. But…

    If you live in one of their hub cities, you don’t have much choice. I have to fly NorthWest unless I want to fly at ungodly hours for twice as much, because I live in MN.

  2. Hey, I was flipping through my mother jones, and bam! Nelson! MoJo press is so much cooler than any other, fo’ sho’. I extend a humble ‘We’re not worthy!” to you! See ya around.

    -esther smigel.

  3. Re: But is he a friend?

    Wow, my queue of things to do, including replying to comments, is really backing up…

    No, it’s not Josh Kashinsky, you probably wouldn’t know this Josh unless you lived in Morris Plains, or you hung out with lots of Delbarton kids.

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