I’m on Al Franken’s show, like, now

I will be on Air America Radio at 2pm EST on the O’Franken Factor, talking about the Diebold case of course.  A few minutes ago I was on Arnie Arnesen‘s show, which was very enjoyable!  Sorry I didn’t blog about it in time for all y’all to tune in, but hopefully there will be a recording of the show available online.  Thanks again to Mother Jones for spreading the word about us!

5 thoughts on “I’m on Al Franken’s show, like, now

  1. I missed it 🙁

    But I did have a bunch of people come up to me at a party today and say, “Hey, there was a guy from Swarthmore on Air America today,” and I got to say, “Yeah, his name is Nelson.”

  2. Congrats!!

    Congrats from Finland, Nelson!! 🙂 Keep the movement alive!

    Antti Vilpponen

  3. I was just about to comment on how cool it is to see someone from Morristown destined for greatness, but then I realized that you’re already there. Therefore, you are destined for greater greatness. =)

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