Seriously, don’t use Internet Explorer

It is now official.   CERT says ditch Internet Explorer for another web browser. Internet Explorer is insecure, and it is no longer being seriously updated, because Microsoft is too busy figuring out how to integrate it with the next release of Windows so that you can NEVER, EVER uninstall it no matter how hard you try. Jobs like fixing bugs or adding new features are simply unimportant when compared to the noble goal of user lock-in.

So what should you use instead of Internet Explorer? Mozilla Firefox Even Microsoft-owned Slate says to use Firefox.

See my review of Firefox on my recommended programs page. It’s kind of outdated, but I’ll work on it soon.

If you have tried Mozilla Firefox and you like it, stick this banner on your blog!

Get Firefox

Or get some smaller and less intrusive Firefox buttons for your website.

4 thoughts on “Seriously, don’t use Internet Explorer

  1. firefox

    hello, Hmm… I’ve heard a lot about this but dont know much about compatibility. I think it supports CSS2 and 3 better than IE5/6 though. I’m looking into getting Firefox

    Jeff R.

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