Is the election really over?

Perhaps I’ve underestimated Kerry. (Think Kerry Is Not Involved In This Fight?  Think Again.)  Maybe he’s still quietly working on making sure that election fraud didn’t turn the election in Bush’s favor, and maybe refusing to concede until every vote is counted wouldn’t have been the best strategy after all.  If Kerry still manages to emerge as president after conceding the election, then he will deserve the office.  And if it does turn out that the election was fixed, then we’re in for some interesting times.

4 thoughts on “Is the election really over?

  1. I admit that I am ignorant. what, exactly, are the rules in this scenario: what if recounting ballots (or discovering that illegal things went on with ballots) takes until after December? does Bush get sworn in and it doesn’t matter what official results say? I’m really confused.

    and I really don’t believe Kerry will come out the winner in the recount. but it’s a nice thought. 🙂

    • There are no fscking rules, dude! Bush makes his own rules!

      Unfortunately, I have no idea what the rules are, voting is once again not my area of expertise.

      • “As Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, who has been about the only mainstream journalist to actually follow up on the many serious problems with regard to the integrity of the election, has pointed out, a concession speech, in effect, means nothing. It is not legally binding.”


        Also, if you’ve been following, Ralph Nader is investigating fraud in New Hampshire, Cobb and Badnarik are investigating Ohio, and Blackboxvoting is investigating Florida.

        – Steve (as in Steve from Free Culture @ BU)

        • that is exciting.

          and I’ve heard the bit about a concession speech not being legally binding before. my question is more along the lines of: what if the recount isn’t resolved when the time comes to swear in a new president? does Bush automatically get sworn in? what if the recount proves that Kerry actually won? does Bush get un-sworn in? is that possible?

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