New Year’s resolutions

I resolve to be on time for things from now on, including personal appointments, classes, and deadlines.  That started with being on time for FC.o’s conference calls, and successfully picking up Lauren when I said I would and dropping her off before her curfew.  Look, see how happy she was that I dropped her off on time!  Punctuality makes everyone happy!

Lauren in lights

Of course, I was late to the last FC.o conference call, but that was because I had to pick up my parents when the cops towed our car, so I’m not sure how much that was my fault…

I also resolve to post to a blog every day that I have internet access.  This means that the FC.o blog counts, and if I guest blog somewhere else, that counts too.  It also counts if I post privately or friends-only, so you may not see every entry.  But mostly it means that you’ll be seeing updates here more frequently 🙂

8 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. hi!!!! I’m Lauren’s friend Lydia, very nice picture. Has she showed you the pictures I took of her… they are fabulous!!!! You must see them.

      • I apoligize for the overuse of exclamation marks. I was caught up in the moment of writing this while lauren starred at me, I promise I won’t do it again in a comment. lol.

        • Stared at you, dear, stared at you. *smiles smugly*

          Hey, Peters and I discussed the whole “good-conscience-bad-conscience” thing and we decided that she gets to bring the Hob-Nobs and vodka.

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