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Today there are 3 articles related to me online, two in the Swarthmore Phoenix, and one on

– The one that I’m most proud of is the first installation of my tri-weekly column called “Peer to peer”: Swarthmore ITS an ally in quest for freer society

UPDATE: Eric Behrens of ITS responds.

– I was kind of frightened by the Nelson-worship in this article, The Nelson in you.  This was a positive, friendly, and well-written article about Free Culture Swarthmore, but I’m not sure how I feel about my leadership role being emphasized so heavily.

The KP Interview: Nelson Pavlosky, Founder of – This one took me FOREVER. The reporter asked me to respond to all of these questions, and some of them were really hard! And since my responses were going to be printed verbatim I had to put in a lot of time making them pretty. I’m glad I did it, as I answered a lot of questions in writing that I never had to answer before, but in the future I think I’ll try to make the reporters do more of the work 😉

4 thoughts on “Me in the news

  1. You’re taking anything Alex L-S says seriously? I thought it was easily the most complimentary of any column he’s written this year – enjoy it! It just means that he couldn’t come up with anything else to make fun of.

    • Oh, I loved the article, I just don’t want to be the defining characteristic of Free Culture Swarthmore, because I want it to continue and be awesome after I graduate. And I feel that it’s a not completely accurate representation… I happened to lead the meeting the day that Alex L-S visited, but Nathan La Porte facilitated the last Tuesday meeting, and did a darn good job, we finished the meeting in under an hour 🙂 There are other people running things who aren’t me, and who deserve credit.

    • I once considered inviting to a Ruach or a SWAP event, but then I realized that I wasn’t sure I wanted the publicity quite like that. I mean, I’ve heard any press is good press, but people generally know what Ruach is, and SWAP has a small presence and doesn’t really need to advertise its existence.

      Anyway, I thought his Nelson-worship was hilarious.

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