Hope you made it home safely!

While trying to decide whether or not to go to the Sager party, I met a nice woman wandering the 1st floor of Parrish, who turned out to be a Swat alumn and the mother of one of the girls in Joe Raciti’s musical “Dance Dangerously“, which we had both just seen. She had found herself stranded with no way to make her train to Boston when it turned out that there was no 11pm train from Swarthmore, and she was looking for a payphone… I wasn’t aware of any such thing in Parrish, payphones are on their way out in this country, so I offered her my cellphone. She called all her family in the area and nobody was willing/able to pick her up. Arthur Chu wandered by at this time, and we started calling people on campus who might have a car and be willing to drive her to 30th street station for money. Finally I thought of Andrew Lacey, who was the true hero of the piece and came to pick up the nice woman. Thanks Andrew!

While we were waiting, we talked a bit about what Swarthmore was like when she was here… in her time, apparently there was only one hall phone and people took turns calling on it, ML was home to “gothy people” rather than geeky people, and the Sager symposium + party didn’t exist. She was surprised by all the cross-dressing people wandering around and wondered if this was something that happened every weekend. No, folks, the cross-dressing people are a result of the Genderf*ck party… although there are certainly some people who cross-dress more regularly, we definitely don’t have quite that volume of cross-dressing on a regular basis.

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