Nelson goes to NYC and Allentown

I’ll be visiting New York City on Friday, to see my friend Lars do a show at the Whitney Museum, starting at 7pm, called “Early Morning Opera”. A bunch of people and other random acquaintances should be meeting me there, so if you want to talk free culture and/or hang out afterwards, meet me there!

Then on Tuesday evening, I’ll be traveling to Allentown, PA to appear on Law Journal Television to discuss free culture and copyfighting. More details to follow… rest assured, I’m keeping myself busy!

2 thoughts on “Nelson goes to NYC and Allentown

  1. Law Journal TV? That’s frickin’ prime-time, man.

    When you know the details, blog it… and we should have someone get a copy of it, so chapters can see it. (Or, like, show it to their law professors.)

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