Do I have an appointment with you tomorrow evening?

I wrote into my calendar for 5:45 tomorrow (Monday) night, “meet with”. That’s right, I didn’t write down who I was meeting with, why, or where. Argh!

Are you the person that I have an appointment with? I suspect it may be Nan or Dan, to talk about Philosophy of Law, but I’m really not sure.

4 thoughts on “Do I have an appointment with you tomorrow evening?

    • I am taking Philosophy of Law with Oberdiek, and it is objectively awesome!

      And if you want to hang out sometime, that could be arranged… just shoot me an e-mail or IM or something. I don’t see my LJ friends in person enough.

      • That’s a marvelous class, and Oberdiek is great. You should take his seminars too. I’ve been meaning to go by and say hello to him actually.

        At the moment, life is a little insane, but once things calm down a bit, we should hang out and chat. In any case, I’m planning to be at Rocky Horror this Friday however (though that’s more of a screaming absurdities event than a chatting about legal theory event). Are you going?

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