Open Source Mac Software

For all my fellow Mac addicts out there, I just wanted to point out this site which I contributed to, Open Source Mac: “Free and open-source software is good for you and good for the world. This is the best OS X software that we know of.” Unsurprisingly this sweet little hit-and-run site was produced by those guerilla warriors of the web, Downhill Battle… nobody makes pretty sites as quickly as they do. Consider this a Thanksgiving gift… Windows and Linux users will just have to wait for winter solstice 😉

6 thoughts on “Open Source Mac Software

  1. I’ve been using a few of these already (GIMP, NeoOffice). Looks like maybe I should try one of those video players though, considering all the trouble I’ve had with AVIs/DivX/XviD.

    What do you use?

  2. Linux users have to wait?

    Have you ever been to places like Sourceforge, Savannah, etc…?

    They may not be pretty, but if you care about that, you’re not using Linux 😉

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