Actually, I think I’ll move to Scuttle

OK, looks like I spoke a little bit soon… while seemed like a good choice at the moment, there are a crapload of social bookmarking services to choose from! Barry’s paradox of choice strikes again :-/ Wikipedia links to a review of 19 bookmarking services, which can help you decide what to go with.

I’m setting an ideological filter and only considering open source options. I am also requiring the private bookmarks function, otherwise there’s no point in switching away from What does that leave me with? Scuttle, unalog, and Connotea (and of course That’s still too many options. Let’s consider which one makes it the easiest to import my bookmarks from According to the chart, only Scuttle offers this feature. Sold! As soon as gets back up, I’m going to try using Scuttle’s web interface to import my bookmarks. As a bonus, it has a “friends list”-privacy feature, like Livejournal or Flickr, and it has… wait for it… comma-separated tags! That is one of the “features” of that I hate the most, the fact that you can’t have tags made from multiple words unless you mash them together somehow, tags are space-separated. Scuttle is just oh so superior, to both and Check out my Scuttle page.

If you’re worried that none of these webservices are trustworthy, I suggest you try Foxylicious, a Firefox extension that lets you back up your bookmarks into your browser. In fact, although this extension makes it easier to leave for another site, it also makes a compelling case for staying with … No, no looking back! I am departing for the world of open source and privacy, and that’s final.

UPDATE: OK, not everything on Scuttle seems to work quite as reliably as one would hope, most notably my personal RSS feed. This is annoying, but I guess I’ll report the bug and hope someone fixes it. Personally, this experience is becoming a confirmation of Barry Schwartz’s theories. Choice is evil! It makes us unhappy with our current lot in life! Or something…

UPDATE to the UPDATE: I reported the bug on their Sourceforge project forum, and it was instantaneously fixed. Scuttle has a friendly, responsive developer community, which is always a joy to have with an open source project. It gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me want to stick around.

UPDATE^3: The transfer went perfectly! It even turned all the stupid underscores in my tags into spaces, which looks a lot nicer. I’m falling in love all over again.

3 thoughts on “Actually, I think I’ll move to Scuttle

  1. There is the question of the network effects: how much does it matter to you to be on the same service as others? How convenient is it? (Well what do you know, you’re on Livejournal!) In truth, I mainly use as a personal indexing of stuff I like tags, so I can quickly re-find “that thing on the internet”. The social-ness isn’t as important, although it’s nice to tag things “for:skyfaller” and such, for the few people who pay attention.

    The outage isn’t bothering me so much, in truth, because it’s not mission critical to my work. So are you really, finally, using Scuttle? I just want to know which service I should be subscribing to your feeds under.

    • Erm, maybe you should wait until gets back up, so I can see how the transfer process goes. If it doesn’t transfer my bookmarks properly, that may be a problem.

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