ALASSCA gaming blog officially launched

If you have a hankering for games that make you think, or games that make you laugh and have a good time, or games that just make you say, “huh, that’s different,” check out the gaming blog that Adam Lizzi and I just started. It’s called ALASSCA, and it stands for “Adam Lizzi’s Abstract Strategy, Stairball, and Chessball Authority.” Adam likes to invent games in his spare time, and whenever he’s not brainstorming some new monstrosity, he’s hunting down bizarre and under-appreciated games from around the world.

If you’re curious as to why I’m involved, besides being a fan of Adam’s games, you might want to see my introductory post for the connection with free culture 😉 Hey, I have a free culture fetish, I can’t help looking for the free culture connection!

LJ users can subscribe at alassca. Please subscribe, read, and leave comments!

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