Two projects that need to move more quickly

I am waiting for:

(1) Kiko, an online calendar, to get iCal syncing. Once it does, I am going to start using it… unless of course Google Calendar or some other service gets iCal syncing first, in which case I’ll use that, but Kiko seems to be the closest. I really need syncing… the only reason I use Gmail is that I can use it with my POP mail client, Thunderbird, which means I can access it when I’m offline. (Note: I won’t *necessarily* use iCal, I may switch to Sunbird or something, but let’s face it, Sunbird is not getting the attention it needs, and Chandler is so alpha as to be ludicrous. There is no good open source calendar, at least for Mac OS X.)

(2) Songbird, an open source media player that is supposed to integrate with websites, to get a working Mac OS X build. Once it does, I will switch away from iTunes, b/c Songbird supports Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and everything else natively.

The best way to find out when these features come out is probably to watch their respective blogs… but I’m not really interested in anything that they have to say on their blogs until they have these vital features. Phooey… I guess I’ll subscribe to their feeds anyway.

3 thoughts on “Two projects that need to move more quickly

  1. I would argue that there is no good open source calendar, period. It is possible to use Evolution in Linux, but it is nowhere as good a mail client as Thunderbird, and it seems a bit ridiculous to use Evo just for calendaring and ignoring the email parts of it.

  2. google cal lets you subscribe to ical files and publishes to ical format so… yeah, sync it up not a prob just set up a dav account on a server somewhere so you can publish easily with ical…

  3. Re: media player

    The point is that Songbird is open source and cross-platform, is also under active development, and has a lot of interesting new features that even iTunes doesn’t have. Besides, Songbird should support my iPod eventually if it doesn’t already, while MacAmp was made before iPods existed.

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