What do to in Newark on a Thursday afternoon?

Karen is going to be at Newark Airport for a 6-hour layover on her flight home from Denmark tomorrow, from about noon to 6pm. Is there anything cool in Newark that we should do during that time? Or is Newark just a hellhole that people should try to avoid spending time in?

3 thoughts on “What do to in Newark on a Thursday afternoon?

  1. HEY I’m going to Denmark in a week! That’s crazy. And um, Newark (as far as I know) pretty much sucks. Especially the part that the airport is in. Maybe you can find some awesome restaurants or something though.. you never know.

  2. Knowing you guys, you might want to check this out. I’m not sure how to get into Newark from the airport, but there’s definitely a way with public transit, and you can use the nifty new tram thing to get to the museum.

    • Hah! Funnily enough, I think we may actually have seen part of that exhibit when I visited Karen in LA, the part in the Jewish Museum looks familiar… but going to see the rest is a definite option.

      Thanks for pointing that out! 😀

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