I am relocating to Claremont, CA for the rest of the semester, to spend time with my girlfriend Karen. I will be flying to Ontario, CA on Feb 10, so if you’re in the NJ area you’ll probably want to see me before then, and if you’re in the LA we should hang out sometime after that 🙂

I’ll be returning to the east coast on May 8th to take my final oral exam for my philosophy major, thereby completing all of my requirements for graduation from Swarthmore College. Unless something unexpected and horrible happens, I should be walking with the class of ‘007 on like June 3rd.

During my semester off, I hope to travel and speak in support of free culture, so if you want to bring me to your campus to speak, check out this little page I made about why you might want me to speak at your school. (Please leave some constructive criticism if you’ve got it.) I already have a few speaking gigs in the works, including an event at the University of Florida on March 5th, but I would love to have more. The more I speak, the better my speeches will get 🙂

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