iMovie ’08 – still a disappointment

I still can’t believe what a useless POS iMovie ’08 is, and I can’t believe that Apple hasn’t fixed it by now. It was released in August 2007, it’s been almost a year and Apple has released several point releases for OS X since then. Would it be so difficult for Apple to open iMovie ’08 up to 3rd party add-ons so that people can put back in the features that Apple removed? The loss of slow-motion/fast-motion is really killing me.

Oh well, back to iMovie ’06 HD. I guess Microsoft isn’t the only company that releases “new and improved” products that are actually downgrades.

UPDATE: I just realized what iMovie ’08 reminds me of: the Matrix sequels. It has lots of potential, but none of it is realized; it has plenty of good ideas, but the implementation of them is horrible.

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