Sarah Owocki

Sarah is my CS partner. She doesn’t like the way I say “dude” all the time. She beats me up because I’m a Quaker and I can’t hit back. She’s laughing now, about how she beats me up. OK, maybe she’s not laughing about that, but I’m sure it’s SOME joke at my expense. What an abusive girl. God, why do I hang out with her? Visit her website, because. Just because. Thanks.
So we’re planning to get all of the CS done before the weekend, so that we can party hard as we are wont to do here at Swat. Right…. Actually, I’m straightedge, and Sarah wishes she was European. Which means that she doesn’t drink the way Americans drink (usually). Those uncultured swine. Sarah’s not coming across very well in this entry, is she? Oh well, I guess I’m biased, I’m her CS partner.
Other than Sarah, my life is dull. Dull. DULL!!!! Good thing I have Sarah for a CS partner. This entry was written specifically to annoy Sarah. Did it work? Cool. Evidently it did. Sarah is calling it creative non-violence. Yeah, peace.

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