Sarah ate my blog!

For some reason, I let Sarah write this week’s blog entry. I’m sure this is a bad idea, but here we go… Sarah, tell everyone about my life!

Hey everyone!! Nelson and I are sitting here in the CS lab, after (semi-) finishing this week’s assignment in the NIC of time. Nelson spells that NICK. But that is just silly. Anyway, I think we may have had 2 or 3 seconds left when we hit that final “turn-in” key. It was, as Nelson would say “intense, dude.” Even more so because the scraping was mainly his fault, namely, that he showed up, by consensus, approximately 1 hour LATE for our scheduled meeting today. Consensus is an ornery term indeed that is by no means universal. Nelson and I agreed on this particular amount by considering his lateness compared to the original time he said he would come, and the time he sheepishly emailed me later in the evening after an incredibly important movie committment came up. (“For class!! It really is for class!” he says unconvincingly…)
So anyway, after a few hours of frenzied programming, which I thought went relatively well considering our combined cluelessness, we turned it in and began making bad puns, z.B.:

(z.B. is German. If you can figure out what it means, Sarah will give you a candy bar. If you’re allergic to peanuts, too bad, it has peanuts in it.)

1. What does DNA stand for? / National Dyslexic Association! :::evil grin:::
… and a few others… mainly though, is the way I make fun of Nelson for being an idiosyncratic Quaker, however the only aspect I can readily recall is his Pyromaniac tendencies. “Pyro Quaker” one says coloquially. There are several others; they come up from time to time and I always berate him to no end, but somehow, as soon as they are out of my mouth, they dissolve into… nothingness… as all good insults should…
Oh my god, it is so late and that neither makes sense nor is particularly enteraining or funny. I suppose I am not an experienced blogger, and will have to redeem myself later.
((which means I am coming back…))
(((and I KNOW where you live…)))
:::evil laugh:::

—Oh my god, that was Sarah’s entry. What have I done? I’ve created a monster!

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