my going-away party, this Friday night

Unfortunately it looks like my parents won’t let me out until I finish writing my 4 overdue papers, which probably means that I won’t be free until Friday night.  Therefore, this Friday, May 21st, I will be holding a GINORMOUS GOING-AWAY PARTY, the day before I fly out to San Francisco to intern with the Electronic Frontier Foundation!  OK, maybe not ginormous… It will be 8pm-1am at my house in Morris Plains, New Jersey.  If you do not know where my house is, e-mail or IM me. 

Everyone who wants to see me before I leave for California is invited, and I’m always open to meeting new people as well, so feel free to bring your friends! (or yourself, if I don’t know you yet)  However, don’t bring them if they have no interest in seeing or meeting me, but just want to help trash my house 😉

If you could help defray the costs of this party by bringing food/drinks/cups/plates, that would make me your friend forever.

This will have to be a stone soup sort of party, since I don’t have time to plan it properly due to my papers.  I’ve asked a couple of friends already to help me think of and implement cool things to do, but the ideal would be for everyone to bring awesome ideas and equipment for having a good time with them.  Then we can just pick whatever seems the coolest!

We have a small yard which is good for more restrained outdoor games, but it is next to a hill, so balls tend to escape down the hill and force people to go fetch them.  If you have musical instruments, bring ’em!  If you have a laptop, bring it, there will be Wi-fi internet, and we can have LAN games!  We should have a TV, so if you want to watch a DVD or play video games, bring your system!  Bring super soakers, nerf guns, whatever floats your boat 🙂

Please rsvp by replying to this post or e-mailing me at nelson at freeculture dot orrg.

Thanks a gazillion!

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