Presidential debate September 28th?!?

According to this post on Aaron Russo‘s blog (my favorite Libertarian nominee for president), there will be a presidential debate at Swarthmore college on September 28th?

This will be unbelievably awesome, especially if the two major parties’ candidates come as well as the Libertarians, Nader etc.

I hope Russo wins the Libertarian nomination, his campaign keeps the best blog 🙂  Nolan’s blog is weak.  Russo just did his first audioblog yesterday!  I haven’t even done an audioblog yet….

And yes, I will probably be voting Libertarian in this next election, especially if Russo is nominated.  Russo is very strongly in favor of alternative medicine, which is one of my pet issues (I have never had a drug in my life except for anaesthesia during operations), and he is very strongly against the draft, which is important to me as a Quaker.  My only concern is that since he made his money in Hollywood, he may be opposed to the Free Culture movement.  If he is at Swarthmore on September 28th, I will certainly ask him.

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