pointless pretty science pictures

Look at these groovy cross-sections!  I wish I had done something this pretty.  My dad bought a gigantic pro-quality microscope when I was litttle, presumably in hopes of turning me into a scientist/bio major like him.  We found some pretty cool critters under that microscope, especially one time when we looked in some pond water and actually found a rare creature.  It kind of looked like a 2D Brontosaurus without legs, and it moved around by reaching its “head” forward, and then pulling the rest of itself along (if I remember correctly).  Sadly, I ended up being a philosophy major/computer geek and stopped playing with the microscope as I got older, and now I don’t know where it went…. probably in the attic somewhere.

2 thoughts on “pointless pretty science pictures

    • lol! That’s kind of like asking, “can I borrow your family’s car?” It’s not really mine, it’s really my Dad’s baby, since I didn’t turn out to be a bio major.

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