Why I’m voting Libertarian

The Democrats and Republicans only defend your civil liberties when it is convenient to do so. Check out this Reason article, which examines how Ashcroft and Kerry have undergone a peculiar role reversal.  Here’s my favorite quote:

Kerry then expressed his belief that bank customers are entitled to essentially zero privacy. “The technology is already available to monitor all electronic money transfers,” he wrote (emphasis added). “We need the will to make sure it is put in place.”

Uh huh. Is Kerry really that much of a safer bet than Ashcroft? Power corrupts, and once he has the power… ?

One thought on “Why I’m voting Libertarian

  1. I think the more relevant question is, “Is Bush really better than Kerry?” realistically, you know that either a republican or a democrat is going to win. elections as far back as I can remember have been about choosing the lesser of two evils.

    although, I do think Kerry is quite an improvement over Gore.

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