How I always fall asleep before I post on my blog

I’ve really been letting my blog slip, and I really regret that. I should have kept a better record of what I’ve been doing with my summer, because a lot of cool stuff has been happening, which I haven’t been documenting. Allow me to attempt a quick recap.

[writing furiously, trying to figure out why I can’t embed a picture in this post properly]

[I fail miserably]

Alright, so I’m tired and I have to go to bed now, it’s 2:30am here in San Fran. I’ll attempt a recap again tomorrow 😛

One thought on “How I always fall asleep before I post on my blog

  1. Been there done that…

    Hey Nelsno,

    I know exactly how you feel. I’m coming to an end of my 3 day, 12-hours per day work shift. I’ve worked nights and am feeling totally psychadelic at the moment 😛

    Just take a look at this ( and this ( There’s nothing wrong in getting paid, but it sucks when you don’t have time for anything else…. like 😉

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