Throcky got physical, Barbie got blended

The video of my high school physics musical is now online, available on the Internet Archive.  I will try to put it on campus webspace somewhere, but I don’t know if that will be possible since it is half a gig in size.  When Dan Crosta’s media server project comes through, I’ll probably be able to put it on that.

Also, if you are my friend, and you are an artist, I need help making graphics for a powerpoint presentation I’d like to give at the first SCDC meeting on Thursday at 10pm.  I know that this is a bit much to ask, and if you could help but you can’t meet that deadline, that’s helpful as well, since this presentation will be used by other groups on other campuses when they launch their local clubs.  If you are not an artist, but you have a friend who is, please talk them into helping us out!   Perhaps a good way to get artists interested in us is to show them our National Barbie-in-a-blender Day project that we did over the summer, which is all about how artistic freedom is threatened by overly restrictive copyright law.,

3 thoughts on “Throcky got physical, Barbie got blended

  1. are you back in swarthmore, btw?
    I live in Morton, and while I’ve already got my degree, if there is any help you guys need for anything, give me a shout. It doesn’t take me long to walk there at all.

  2. Andrew Dale says:

    Hey Nelson,

    Nice to see your blog. Upon researching this, you seem to be quite famous for a college student. I live on 3rdN Mertz if you don’t remember… we coordinated on the SCDC propa-ganja. (i continue to use xanga for continuity’s sake)

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