We won the Diebold case!!

Here’s where I flip out and jump up and down and scream, “hell yeah!!”  I’ll post something more coherent later after I’m done partying and I’ve read the decision.
* http://eff.org/
* http://eff.org/news/archives/2004_09.php#001961
* PDF of court decision

10 thoughts on “We won the Diebold case!!

    • We are planning to have a Diebold victory party, not very soon unfortunately b/c next weekend is October break, and I was too burned out to plan one for this weekend. It’s currently set for Saturday October 23rd, in the SCCS media lounge, around 7pm. If you don’t know where that is, go in the building next to the bell tower (called Tarble) and look for signs.

    • I’m straightedge, but I’d accept something non-alcoholic next time we’re in the same area 🙂 When is your fall break?

      • I’m, uh, working. ::crust:: So, that just depends in general.

        But I do know more than a few folks in Philly, and given Novalis & yours’s circles, I’m sure we’ll be catching up.

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