RebLaw video and photos

If you missed me at RebLaw, and you want to catch up, the video we shot on my camcorder of my panel is on Reclaiming Culture panel.   Also, here are the pro-quality photos that Fred from NYU took while we were there and posted on Flickr: photos tagged with “yalereblaw party” Fred is now our official free culture paparazzi 😉

3 thoughts on “RebLaw video and photos

    • hm… sadly I haven’t gotten through Kill Bill Vol. 2, and I haven’t seen any of his other movies. Is it a good thing to look like David Carradine? I guess movie actors are generally attractive, so that’s good, but there could be negatives… for instance, if he usually portrays villains, and I seem to share some characteristics with him, that might be bad.

      • if he’s a villain, he is always a very smart, cool, calculating villain. when he’s not a villain, well, he was the main guy in Kung Fu for… ever. So yeah, I good thing.

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