going to San Fran

If you want to see me and you live on the west coast, catch me this weekend in San Francisco!

I’ll be attending a conference run by Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, a student group that is working on a Creative Commons style license for drug patents. Sadly, their current site, EssentialMedicine.org, relies entirely on Flash in a truly painful fashion. When I want to give my eyes a rest, I visit a copy of their old site instead, courtesy of the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. They put out a call for help with web design a while back…. if you know anybody who can give them a hand, please contact them!

At any rate, I’ll be flying out there Thursday evening, staying over until very early Sunday morning, and then heading back to Swarthmore. Wish me luck with airport security!

UPDATE: UAEM fixed their website, no more nasty flash! Reward their hard labor and visit EssentialMedicine.org again ^_^

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