Apartment-warming party in DC

If you’re in the Washington, DC area this weekend, please come to my apartment warming party this Saturday night! My apartment is near the Adams Morgan district in NW DC, and it’ll be happening 🙂 Since I’m straight edge, the party is BYOB, but I’ll have food/drinks/snacks. The party starts at 7pm and runs until whenever people have to leave (it’s OK if some people want to crash on my couch or floor). Bring iPods and mix CDs that are good for dancing!

If you want to come, please e-mail or IM me to RSVP and ask for the apartment location, I feel a little weird putting my address on the open web.

UPDATE: My DC friends tell me that I’m actually in Upper Cardozo or Columbia Heights, so if you’re wondering what district is to the east of Adams Morgan, now you know, I suppose.

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