creepy construction worker dude

So I’ve been trying to contact the people who live upstairs for a while, to ask them if they would mind me playing loud music for the party tonight. I went outside a few minutes ago, to see whether any of them were hanging around, and there was this guy standing out front, who seemed really friendly, so I thought that he was one of the people who lived upstairs. I started asking him about whether they’d be OK with the party. It turned out that he was actually a construction worker, though, who is working on the building across the street, and not my neighbor. He started to ask a lot of personal questions, and finally invited himself to the party.

Creepy! Weird! And I’m too dumb and trusting. I told him my first name when I introduced myself and told him I was an intern here for the summer, etc. So, if some weird older guy introduces himself as a “friend of Nelson”, don’t trust him to actually be my friend, and don’t tell him more about me. This is how people like Kevin Mitnick do “social hacking” or “people hacking”, they find out little pieces of information, and use that to get more information.

UPDATE: To clarify, I didn’t say that he could come, he said “can I come?” And I was like, “um, that would be kind of weird” and I went back inside and closed the door. So hopefully he won’t come. If he does, I’ll just have to call the police, and fortunately the station is only a few blocks away.

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