iTunes’s podcast feature is lame

I don’t know if other podcasting programs allow you to play more than one song from your podcast stream at once, but iTunes doesn’t. You can’t just leave your podcasts running. You have to click each one individually to play it. This is silly, because I’m not going to sit around and keeping clicking every time I want to hear another song. I could just add the entire podcast to my library, but how do I know that I want to do that until I’ve heard the songs in the podcast? Bad UI! Bad!

What software would you suggest for receiving podcasts? Obviously I’m most interested in open source software available for Mac OS X, but let’s hear what you’ve got.

3 thoughts on “iTunes’s podcast feature is lame

  1. Odeo Syncr x iTunes = teh happy?

    Maybemaybenot, but said tool basically downloads the mp3s into iTunes for you to listen to as you like – the files aren’t segregated from the rest of your mp3s.

  2. NetNewsWire

    NetNewsWire can add podcasts to your library. I can also mark them as a specified genre and/or add them to a specified playlist. The only feature I miss is that it doesn’t clean out old podcasts for you.

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