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I hide under a desk for the benefit of Newsweek
Different Realities: Pavlosky lives in two worlds

For people who just can’t get enough of Nelson, there’s a picture of me in Newsweek this week. I also get to say a line or two, although they unfortunately don’t mention FreeCulture.org. Ah well, maybe people will google my name and turn up my blog, and find out about free culture that way 🙂

UPDATE: In case the original article becomes unavailable, here’s my quote:

And yet, for those who fully embrace the new world, the possibilities are great. Napster, after all, was created by Shawn Fanning in his dorm room at Northeastern, and college dropouts famously founded Microsoft and Apple. Students push technology forward. That’s why Nelson Pavlosky, a Swarthmore student active in the copyright wars over file sharing, thinks all campuses are worth watching. “It’s what the rest of the country might look like in two to five years.” And then he pauses for a profundity moment. “Hey,” he says. “We are the future.” It’s the sort of thing college students have always said. But guys like Pavlosky might actually be right.

By John Schwartz
Newsweek © 2005

15 thoughts on “I’m in Newsweek

  1. I find it unforunate that they merely describe you as being “active in the copyright wars over file-sharing”. I mean, there’s so much more to it!

    Stupid simplistic newsweeklies…(Of course, as a journalist myself, I do cut them more slack than most bloggers…good reporting is damn hard! That said, I doubt the writher really understands “this free culture stuff”…but of course, that’ll change. 😉

  2. That’s so f’in sweet. Too bad no plug, though. I’ll see if I can get someone to get a copy of Newsweek, scan it, and put it on the FC.o blog.

    Yay, another post for the “Press” category!

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