Nelson at U Florida this weekend / next week

florida free culture presents Nelson Pavlosky

I’ll be visiting the University of Florida in Gainesville March 1-7, and speaking multiple times while I’m there. The main event is Monday, March 5, 6:30pm – 8:00pm in Turlington Room 1315, where I’ll be addressing the members of Florida Free Culture about the Diebold case and the free culture movement in general.

I’ll also be speaking to two sections of a class called Legal and Social Issues in Computing on Tuesday morning March 6th, so if you’re in that class please do attend that day 🙂

While I’m at U Florida, I’ll be visiting the Open Art show, FFC’s art show featuring Creative Commons-licensed art. This is the 3rd CC art show that chapters have done, following in the footsteps of NYU’s CC art show and Harvard’s Sharing is Daring.

I also plan to attend a games and digital media conference, a comic studies conference, and perhaps go to rock concerts, visit alternative libraries, and explore nature. The possibilities are endless! If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet up with you ^_^ Unless, of course, you’re an axe murderer or something.

2 thoughts on “Nelson at U Florida this weekend / next week

  1. Nelson, if you’re ever in the Philly area March 17-20, or the Amherst/western MA area anytime before/after that, I would love to meet up. Unfortunately however, I am not going to be in Gainesville anytime remotely near those dates.

    Good luck!!

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