I’m speaking at Reed College in Portland

Early this morning I am flying to Portland, Oregon, where I will be staying at Reed College for a few days, as a guest of Reed Free Culture. If you are in or around Portland for some reason, we should hang out!

I will be speaking at Reed Monday, April 9, 7:30 p.m., in Psychology 105. (You can also see me mentioned on their Public Policy Series webpage if you scroll down a bit.) I’ll also probably be at a Reed chapter meeting on Sunday, doing a little workshop to help them get their chapter rolling. My friend Kevin from high school (who now works for Microsoft, to my derision) is visiting me on Saturday, and we’ll go sightseeing around Portland… I’m planning on dropping by Free Geek at some point 🙂

On Tuesday I’ll be flying back to LAX to speak at USC for USC Free Culture, on a panel of several people. Hm… I can’t find the details on that, I’ll have to post about it later. Sleepytime!

UPDATE: You can get the audio from the panel that I was on at USC here: Free[ing] Culture in Los Angeles: Beyond the Ivory Tower [download mp3]

Nelson at U Florida this weekend / next week

florida free culture presents Nelson Pavlosky

I’ll be visiting the University of Florida in Gainesville March 1-7, and speaking multiple times while I’m there. The main event is Monday, March 5, 6:30pm – 8:00pm in Turlington Room 1315, where I’ll be addressing the members of Florida Free Culture about the Diebold case and the free culture movement in general.

I’ll also be speaking to two sections of a class called Legal and Social Issues in Computing on Tuesday morning March 6th, so if you’re in that class please do attend that day 🙂

While I’m at U Florida, I’ll be visiting the Open Art show, FFC’s art show featuring Creative Commons-licensed art. This is the 3rd CC art show that FreeCulture.org chapters have done, following in the footsteps of NYU’s CC art show and Harvard’s Sharing is Daring.

I also plan to attend a games and digital media conference, a comic studies conference, and perhaps go to rock concerts, visit alternative libraries, and explore nature. The possibilities are endless! If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet up with you ^_^ Unless, of course, you’re an axe murderer or something.

Come see me speak at UPenn on Monday night

A poster for my talk, featuring my faceI’ll be coming out of hiding briefly to speak at the University of Pennsylvania on Monday night. I’ve updated the graphics for my presentation a bit with Karen’s help (thanks for drawing pretty things for me, Karen!), so it will be even prettier than it has been in the past ^_^ Come see me speak at 8:00 pm on Nov 20, 2006 at the King’s Court English House, in the 1938 Lounge. If you need directions, it’s at 3465 Sansom Street in Philadelphia. Please RSVP through the Facebook event or some other means (leave a comment?) if you are not a UPenn student, so that I can put your name on a list of people who are allowed in. Otherwise you may be ejected by UPenn’s robot guardians, or perhaps devoured by a large three-headed dog.

You should especially come to this talk because UPenn’s free culture club is kind of short on members, which is odd given that most of the freshmen at UPenn supposedly read the book Free Culture as their freshman reading project. Help us get Penn Free Culture off the ground!