Growing a beard: a vow that I may regret

I have been very disappointed in my law school grades the last two semesters. My highest grade 1st semester was a B+ in Torts, and my highest grade this semester was a B+ in Criminal Law. This is unacceptable.

I have decided that I will not shave my face again until I land at least one grade of an A- or above in a law school class.

This could be a relatively brief beard-growing episode, since I am taking a class on Copyright at the law school this summer. My final exam is in 5 days on July 10th, and hopefully I’ll have my grade back around the beginning of the semester. I could get an A in that class and terminate my beard after about a month.

Or I might not get an A until the end of the fall semester, which could mean growing my beard into January or beyond. But hopefully it will end sooner!

Wish me luck.

More posts to follow about the details of beard growing when I find time to research it.

10 thoughts on “Growing a beard: a vow that I may regret

        • Hm, that’s an interesting point… I can’t think of anything comparable for girls either. You could try not cutting your hair, but eventually it might get unwieldy. You could try not shaving your legs, but that may not be societally acceptable. There are always Lent-like vows to give up a certain food or watching TV or something like that, but those don’t have a direct effect on your appearance.

          • I guess I could deny myself, um, hair styling products? I mean, denying myself a haircut wouldn’t do too much, since I get them once every two months or so, anyhow. Not shaving would just mostly limit my clothing choices.

            I’m on a test-to-test passing state right now, anyway, and I’m in a “keep passing” rather than a “start getting above some threshold” situation, so I’m not sure what I could do for motivation. But boy, could I use some! I am so not used to the “you must study for hours a day or you will fail” setup.

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