Target receipts are not very descriptive

I’m trying to split up the bill from my last trip to Target between Karen and myself, and it is rather difficult because I’m having trouble decoding the cryptic labels on the receipt.

300PC ALUMIN = The poker chips+cards that I bought for the semi-weekly poker nights my law school friends have. They are in an aluminum carrying case.

GAIAM TANMAT = The yoga mat that Karen bought. (It’s tan.)

RISK BOOK = A Risk game in a box with a book-like form factor.

AUTO OPEN = An umbrella which has a button that automatically opens the umbrella and automatically collapses it if you press it again (sadly you still need to manually retract the umbrella after collapsing it, but it’s still cool). You’d think they could say “umbrella” on the receipt, though.

AUTO OPEN umbrella

So I’ve figured some of the items out. But what about:

I’m guessing we bought 3 packs of batteries, but couldn’t they be a little more descriptive? Like, what kind of batteries were they?

Or, for the grand prize of un-descriptiveness:


Yes, merchandise. I bought merchandise at Target, big surprise. BUT WHAT KIND OF MERCHANDISE WAS IT???

The mystery remains.

4 thoughts on “Target receipts are not very descriptive

  1. I usually try to glance at my receipt on my way out, as a way to try to nip any of these problems in the bud before they become truly inscrutable. Their system does leave a bit to be desired. I’ve seen Target employees just put in random amounts under “Merchandise” when there’s no tag and they don’t feel like calling up a price check on something. (It’s usually at a much lower price than the item actually is, though, so you really can’t complain.)

    • That’s almost exactly what happened… we remember the clerk being unable to find a price tag and asking Karen what she thought it cost, and that’s the price they gave her. However, we can’t remember exactly what that object was 😛

  2. I’ve had this same problem at target before, usually after an apartment-stocking trip so target-brand toilet paper, target-brand soap, and target-brand wet wipes all show up similarly. really annoying, that they can’t be more descriptive.

    • Yeah, you’d think they could use slightly smaller type to fit in more on a line, or more intelligent titles for items… but no, I guess by the time they give you the receipt you’ve bought it already so it’s not like they’re losing many sales by having lousy receipts.

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