Going offline for a week

I’m sure that some of your internet-addled friends on Livejournal have said something like this at one point or another, including me, but I need some time away from the internet and I’m taking it this week. Karen is off traveling Europe without her laptop, so I don’t feel the urge to sign on and talk to her, and maybe I can take this opportunity to practice not reading webcomics and obsessively checking my RSS feeds. It will also prevent me from doing things like working on the FreeCulture.org website, but I think the rest of the mailing lists that are down can wait to get back up until the weekend, unless someone else can get them up. Hopefully I can get some things done that don’t require the internet.

I may check my e-mail occasionally, but I probably won’t respond until sometime this weekend. If you have anything really important to say, call me. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause… it’s something I just really need to do.

Which webhost is the best?

A couple of websites I am responsible for are considering moving to new webhosts. Currently the top candidate is DreamHost, but before we do anything, I want your feedback. What is the best webhost out there? Is DreamHost in fact any good? My top priority is getting maximum uptime, but everything else is important too, of course.