Is the election really over?

Perhaps I’ve underestimated Kerry. (Think Kerry Is Not Involved In This Fight?  Think Again.)  Maybe he’s still quietly working on making sure that election fraud didn’t turn the election in Bush’s favor, and maybe refusing to concede until every vote is counted wouldn’t have been the best strategy after all.  If Kerry still manages to emerge as president after conceding the election, then he will deserve the office.  And if it does turn out that the election was fixed, then we’re in for some interesting times.

Meatspace is highly overrated

I’ve decided that the first chance I get, I’m going to upload my brain into a computer, make lots of copies of myself, and then share myself over a p2p network under a Creative Commons license.  Then I wouldn’t have to eat, sleep, or talk to girls in person.  That would truly be geek heaven!

I could also probably take over the world, unless there are lots of other sentient beings on the p2p networks, but that’s just a pleasant side effect…

Oh yeah, and I’m in this article in Wired News about

Kerry shouldn’t have conceded, IMHO

UPDATE – I expressed this a little more eloquently in our school newspaper,but not much: Kerry ignored e-voting problems.

I wish that the mainstream Democrats took the e-voting problems seriously… why was Kucinich the only one to take up e-voting as an issue? I wish that the American media covered our e-voting problems better… I still can’t believe that I’ve been on German TV and Japanese TV to talk about the Diebold case, but not American TV! Why do the Germans and Japanese care more about our elections than we do? People in other countries are convinced that our elections are a farce, that we live in a banana republic, and I’m not sure that they’re wrong. Why did ABC call me, and then fail to call me back despite my repeated attempts to reach them before November 2nd? It’s kind of late now, but if the e-voting problems had received more attention before election night, maybe Kerry wouldn’t have conceded so quickly and easily.

Read this Daily KOS article: Which is more credible: exit polls or Diebold? I don’t really believe in a conspiracy theory, but what is disturbing about this situation with the electronic voting machines (with no paper trail) is that we’ll never know whether there was any hanky-panky in Florida and Ohio this year. Even if there is any evidence of election fraud to be found, only conspiracy theorists will be researching it now. If Kerry hadn’t conceded, you could have had serious organizations with serious funding doing serious research. But no mainstream organization is going to bother looking for evidence of fraud if it doesn’t matter because Kerry has already conceded.

I voted Libertarian, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wish the Kerry Democrats were better at life.