New foods that I didn’t like

If you know me well, you know that I’m a pretty picky eater… my allergies (mild soy allergy, violent peanut allergy), my vegetarianism, and my dislike of spicy foods all limit my diet. I also generally dislike unhealthy foods… most of my peers seem to enjoy junk food, highly processed foods, and foods which provide no nutrition except for empty calories, but I find almost all junk foods to be unappetizing. Perhaps this is psychological, but I know plenty of people who enjoy junk food despite knowing full well that it is bad for them, so if it is a psychological distaste it is at least consistent 🙂

Upon arriving in California, I vowed to be more adventurous… I wanted to try new and nutritious foods to expand my diet and improve my health. I think I’ve been mildly successful so far, although there is plenty of room for future growth. However, there have been some failed experiments, and I’d like to share those with you before I get to the good stuff (hopefully in the next few days).

My negative food reviews